Stop spinning your wheels on Facebook posts your Aunt Mary likes, but no one else does.

There’s a better way to build your business, and it doesn’t include spending your precious time and money on another $300 ad that will go unread in your local chamber magazine. 

It also doesn’t include downloading every social media app under the sun simply because you read an article that said if you aren't on Snapchat, you’re irrelevant. 

There are better uses of your time than spreading yourself thin trying to sell your business to everyone across every platform. And you know first hand that your time is more precious than anything, even more precious than licking the salt off a margarita glass at the swim-up bar in Mexico (and that is time well spent).

Try this instead.

Let's get down to business is a one-on-one session for business owners who are tired of spending their time and money trying to market their business with “meh” results.

This is for business owners who are burned out from working every social, email, and website platform in existence trying to capture the attention of their customers.  

This is for business owners who are more concerned about spending money on inventory than paying to run another 4" x 3” ad that you were pressured into buying from a pushy magazine cold caller. 

This is for business owners who give a damn about their business. 

How it works

We’ll start by taking a deep dive into your business. Think about this as a trip down memory lane, where we reminisce on why you started your business in the first place, what you’ve been dreaming about, and the hurdles that are standing in your way, among other things.

Then, we’ll hop on Skype (or a phone call if you're camera shy).  We'll talk in more detail about you, your business, your customers, and heck, even your dog, if you want. You’ll walk away with actionable, “I-can-do-this-(and afford this)-right-now” steps to turn your marketing into something your customers will not only notice, but adore. We'll also send you off with a roadmap of next steps, a recap of the specific goals set, and a whole host of resources to help you along the way. 

We'll also check in over email after our session together to see how you're tracking toward your goals. Think of us like your very own accountability buddies. 

The best part? This process is F-U-N. Really, it is. This is all about you and the baby of a business you’ve dedicated your life to create. It’s about sharing your work with the world and creating real-life conversations with your customers. 

This is about spending your valuable
time and money on the thing that will actually
make a difference for your business.

Get started

To recap, Let's get down to business is a personalized workshop that includes: 

  • Pre-work that focuses on your business goals, marketing challenges, and more

  • One 90-minute Skype or phone session where we'll brainstorm solutions to tackle your challenges, set specific goals to keep you moving forward, and provide recommendations on marketing tactics to help you reach those goals

  • A summary of our brainstorm session, outline of specific goals set, roadmap of next steps, and a list of resources to help you along the way

  • An email follow up after our session to see how you're doing in the pursuit of the goals set during our session

It all starts here. Click "I want in!" to purchase the workshop through Paypal. Then, give yourself a pat on the back or a big 'ole bear hug (we'd do it for you if we could). After purchasing the workshop, we'll send you all of the details to get started. 


Total cost: $149